Being located in the monsoon range of the Western Ghats, Maval Srushti receives ample rains which help boost in the nurture and propagation of diverse life forms, co-existing and dependent on each other for survival.

Maval Srushti is the only project in the adjoining areas, which has a beautiful, natural waterfall during the monsoon season. The visitors, and their families, can enjoy the mist and falling water very safely.
The mountainous contours also holds many mini-falls & rivulets creating a labyrinth within the lush green carpet that nature provides. We insist visitors not to miss the monsoon season and enjoy the pure and coolest natural aqua.

Maval Srushti, situated at an approximate altitude of 2500 feet. The place was and is native dwelling for many tall trees with a big canopy. These include the Hirda, Kinai, Beheda, Sal, Saag, Sawari, Umber, Ran-avla, Ran Babhul etc.
This was the natural heritage of the Western Ghats, which has been groomed preciously.

Our horticulturists further added to the serene beauty and brought in 250 varieties of flowering plants. These included the Mussanda, Duranda, Floribunda, Hibiscus, Kamini, Kufia, Agnishikha etc.

Maval Srushti proudly hosts some flowering varieties, which grow only at a high altitude and only in Maharashtra.
Probably for the 1st time in this province, we have successfully planted coffee shrubs, and plan to offer our customers a brew of the freshest coffee beans. We also have an in-house cultivation for many plants and visitors are welcome to see the same.

As the original dense forests have not been disturbed in any way, it has sheltered a plethora of Birds.
These include the strictly aeroboreal (never descending to ground) birds like iora, hornbill, buntings, scarlet minivets, shama, thrushes. Various flycatchers (including the paradise flycatcher), flower peckers, bulbuls, greytits, woodpeckers, robins, moorhens, kingfishers and cuckoos can be caught a glimpse.