Maval Srushti Udyan and Nursery
The The Concept of Maval Srushti is really a culmination of ideas of Mr M.S.Joshi & Mrs. Smita Joshi, both Engineers by profession. Both, having traveled extensively in India and abroad, dreamt that one day they would create a place of serenity, utmost tranquility and natural beauty.

Today - Maval Srushti can be described as "Nature's own dream".
In just 5-6 years from the day they bought around 18 Acres of hill slope, a beautiful resort has been created.
They have planted over 8000 trees and plants to turn a barren landscape into a lush green environment. All the native plants and trees, many of them having precious medicinal value, have been retained. Sheer hard work and vision has helped them to transform this hill into a lush green blanket complete with hundreds of trees such as Mango, Coconut, Cashew, Papaya, Bananas, Chickoo, Silver Oak, Cassurina, Spatusdia, Gulmohar, Kanchan, Brownia, Ashokas, Zakiranda. Yellow Keshiya, Kailashpali and other trees have been planted since then and the entire hill has now been almost transformed into a Botanical Garden.
Maval Srushti can perhaps be rated as one of the finest eco-friendly places in and around Pune. Most of the sites today are built after cutting trees, adding truckloads of soil and concretizing the entire place to make it look 'natural'.

In Maval Srushti, not a single tree was cut to pave way for construction.

All the contours of the hills have been created by using man power and with minimal use of machines. The place is now also open as a Nursery to visitors interested in a variety of plants right from coffee plants to bamboo to hydrangeas to heleconias as well as herbal plans and many more.
The Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Association (AESA) selected Maval Srushti for the "Juries Recommendation Award for the Best Environmental and Eco Friendly Design", recognizing the efforts to create and maintain such a beautiful landscape in line with nature.