Overnight Stay

Maval Srushti now also boasts of 20 cottages and cater to overnight sojourns for approximately 50-75 people.

If one truly wants to enjoy the tranquility and harmony of nature an overnight stay is definitely the option.

Many-a-nights the entire valley gets lit up by fireflies providing a breath-taking view and experience blanketed by the darkness of the night.

Many yoga and meditation workshops have been conducted at Maval Srushti because of its serenity and certain purity belonging to the place.

One can enjoy the peaceful night/s, go for long walks, relax in the swimming pools, enjoy the home-made touch of our maharashtrian cuisine.

In case of extended stays, one can also visit our nearby locations.
Visiting Areas Nearby

If your sojourn at Maval Srushti is leisurely, and you have time with you, then you may visit the scenic backwaters of Pavna and Mulshi dams, and the evergreen forest of Tamhini Dongarwadi, by keeping Maval Srushti as your base. The two well-known Maval forts of Tung and Tikona are also located near our site.

Tariff for Overnight Stay


Kindly refer to the Tariffs Section for details on all our tariffs

Our overnight tariff includes entrance fee, breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as usage of swimming pool for 1 day.
Our overnight charges are inclusive of entrance fee, meals and accommodation for 1 day. It is likely  that you might be issued separate receipts for the same.
We do not provide swimming costumes at our site. Visitors are requested to bring their own costumes if they want to enjoy a dip in our pools.
Please read our rules and regulations given below
Rules and Regulations
Smoking and Drinking alcohol + Tobacco in the Maval Srushti Campus is strictly banned.
We serve Vegetarian food only. Outside eatables not allowed.
Courteous treatment to the staff members is expected.
Priorities will be given to corporate members while accepting bookings.
Bookings will solely depend upon the decision of the Maval Srushti management and the availability.
Place has won an award for Eco -friendliness and cleanliness. It is expected that the same is maintained.