Package for Accommodation (Overnight Sojourn)

  Cottage/Room Type
  Rate (1 overnight stay)
Valley View
Cottages with a view opening up to the Maval Valley
Please contact our Booking Office for details
Non-Valley or  Forest View
Cottages with a non-valley view but having views to the Maval Srushti foliage
Please contact our Booking Office for details
Dormitory / Bungalow
A dormitory cottage and a bungalow are also available for group/family to stay together and enjoy Maval Srushti
Please contact our Booking Office for details
Charges for Additional Occupancy
Charges for additional occupancy within the same cottage
Please contact our Booking Office for details



Our overnight tariff includes entrance fee, breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as usage of swimming pool for 1 day.
Our overnight charges are inclusive of Udyan and Nursery entrance fees, meals and accommodation for 1 day. It is likely  that you might be issued separate receipts for the same.
We provide discounts on weekdays and non-holidays for larger groups
We do not provide swimming costumes at our site. Visitors are requested to bring their own costumes if they want to enjoy a dip in our pools.
Please read our rules and regulations given below
Rules and Regulations

Smoking and Drinking alcohol and consuming Tobacco in the Maval Srushti Campus is strictly banned.
We serve Vegetarian food only. Outside eatables not allowed.
Courteous treatment to the staff members is expected.
Priorities will be given to bulk and group bookings due to limited capacity to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.
Bookings will solely depend upon the decision of the Maval Srushti management and the availability.
Place has won an award for Eco -friendliness and cleanliness. Visitors are expected to maintain the same.
Our Nursery and Udyan is located on a moutainside with sloping areas as well. Visitor care and discretion is expected to avoid any falls or injuries. The Management does not take responsibility any falls or injuries due to the terrain .