Why it is unique

The AESA AWARD for "BEST ECOFRIENDLY DESIGN 2002" for conserving the abundant nature was an outcome of the primary motive in developing Maval Srushti.
Maval Srushti, being a part of the Western Ghats, inhabits a vast array of biodiversity. Unlike all other "Resorts" in the area, many of whom encourage rampant felling of trees, the "Maval Srushti" management is keen on a conservative approach to protect, nourish and develop the entire eco-environment.

During our initial construction we even avoided using cement for building our cottages. No machinery was used while constructing the required infrastructure.
Even though the structures are load bearing, RCC Construction was done only for the roofing. The red soil, even though not very suitable for growth of trees was not replaced. The red soil in this mountainous range, is a peculiarity of the region & great patience was exercised for 2-3 years to let the plants root themselves in the red soil. The result of which is now visible to all our visitors.
Erosion, caused by manual intervention was avoided. To augment the existing flora, our landscape designers and horticulturists further planted at least 250 varieties of exotic, indigenous flowering plants. These include huge trees, shrubs, creepers, orchids etc. The complete ecosystem proudly hosts a variety of birds, butterflies and animals. To conserve the rainwater, we have also constructed a small dam.
Maval Srushti is the only project nearby which is bestowed with a long flowing, splashy, waterfall during the monsoons. This uniqueness naturally transpired into Maval Srushti receiving the AESA award.
Maval Srushti is situated on an altitude of approximately 2500 feet.
The entire Maval Srushti 'base camp' is free of vehicular and environmental pollution.
Just a stroll through the dense foliage of Maval Srushti experiencing the clean air will definitely help in augmenting your life