Concept And Story

The Concept of Maval Srushti is a culmination of several ideas and hard work over the years by one family with a dream to convert a barren land into a thick green forestry and a place of serenity, tranquility and natural beauty.
Today – Maval Srushti can best be described as “Nature’s own dream”. The location of Mavalsrushti is a rare confluence of many a natures benevolence – nestled between hills, embraced by the forestry and views to a the beautiful Kolvan Valley in the Sahyadris. The simplicity of the place belies the wealth of beauty it delivers Mavalsrushti is a unique experience of spending your time with nature and enjoying a very real and present connection with nature. So come and spend time with your family and friends, rejuvenate, bond, explore or just spend time ‘doing nothing’.
Over the last 18 years over 8000 trees and thousands of plants have been planted to turn a barren landscape into a lush green forest. All the native plants and trees, many of them having precious medicinal value, have been retained. Through sheer hard work and vision this place has been transformed into a green blanket complete with…

concept and story
  • Large trees such as Mango, Coconut, Cashew, Papaya, Bananas, Chickoo, Silver Oak, Cassurina, Spatusdia, Gulmohar, Kanchan, Brownia, Ashokas, Zakiranda, Yellow Keshiya, Kailashpati, Putranjiva, Umbar, Vad, Peepal and many others
  • Flowering plants such as Hydrangia, Heliconia, Begonias, Jaswandi, Mogra amongst others
  • Several unique creepers like Honeysuckle, Madhumalati, Bouganvillias
  • Exotic trees like Coffee, Bamboo and Avocado
  • Herbal plants such as Tulsi and Lemongrass

…slowly transforming the entire hill is being into a thick Forest like surroundings dotted with a bio-diverse garden and a Plant Nursery for visitors to enjoy Mavalsrushti can perhaps be rated as one of the finest eco-friendly places in and around Pune. At Maval Srushti not a single tree has been cut to pave way for construction activities. All the contours of the hills have been created by using man power and with minimal use of machines.

The Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Association (AESA) selected Maval Srushti for the  “Juries Recommendation Award for the Best Environmental and Eco Friendly Design”, recognizing the efforts to create and maintain such a beautiful landscape in line with nature.
This 20-acre mountain paradise can be enjoyed in multiple ways :

  • A one day trip to enjoy all the surroundings and facilities
  • Overnight stays to get completely immerse in environment and nature
  • A 3 / 5 day Aarogyadham resident programs (Shibirs) to orient the attendees to a natural way of living through Pranayam and Meditation(Dhyan), Yogasanas, Water Therapy and healthy and planned diet. One can truly enjoy and experience the Japanese concept of Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy, also known as ‘Forest bathing’ or ‘Taking in the Forest atmosphere’ or simply swim in the mountains.

Mavalsrushti puts high focus on the Environment and being one with Nature, at the same time epitomizing not just Nature but also Love and Peace. Love for self, love for all living beings, love for all our surroundings. We believe that every thought we put into the world affects it and Love, peace and harmony will always reside together. Our campus is abundant with several species of birds and butterflies, the Indian langurs and the barking deer pay an occasional visit and our on-campus pet force of dogs and cats welcome anyone who wishes to get away from the city into the lap of nature.

Ours is one of the few places around which are pet-friendly and you are welcome to bring your pets along for your day trip or your overnight stay. Since the campus is spread out, for senior citizens and for differently abled visitors, our campus is access friendly as well. We are working on making some of the cottages access friendly as well to ensure everyone has a convenient and memorable experience at Mavalsrushti.