Organic Farming

Every morsel of food and sip of water we consume is important for day today life. But for decades our food and water have been contaminated by powerful and harmful pesticides which have been promoted as necessary for better agriculture output.  We believe in sustainable agriculture and on organic and wholesome food consumption for a healthy and long life. With a step in that direction, over the years we have planted thousands of trees including organic fruit trees such as Mango, Cashew, Jackfruit, Papaya, Bananas as well as our own patch for coffee plants.

We have recently started to focus on producing our own organic vegetables and greens so we can provide our visitors fresh food with the fastest route from the soil to the plate. Our aim is to not just become a completely self-sufficient in our goal to serve our visitors with pure and organic food but also create produce enough for the surrounding community included.  We are also working on creating awareness amongst all visitors and providing them with an actual experience of planting and growing their own fresh greens during their visit and to propagate the Ayurveda concept of Food being medicine.